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MARCH 5, 2020 Meet Bionca Wilson of Bee Glamorous in Lithonia

Today we’d like to introduce you to Bionca Wilson. Thanks for sharing your story with us Bionca. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there. As a child, I didn’t grow up in a “normal” home. My grandma raised me, and while I knew my mom, she wasn’t around at that time. As I evolved into my adolescent years, I began acting out/ running away, stealing cars, fighting, smoking- all things that ultimately led me to become a recurring juvenile inmate. Eventually, that life became something I knew would kill me, and I knew I had to do something to change. I decided to lead positively, helping other young women to do the same, and ultimately walking into my purpose. Bee Glamorous was initially named, Bee Inspired. I intended to create a group for troubled adolescent girls who, like myself, were in and out of the juvenile justice system. I wanted to show them love, in ways that I know I had not been shown growing up. In doing so, I discovered a talent I wasn’t yet sure I had. I had always done my own hair and makeup, but never thought to do it on anyone else. People would ask me to practice on them, so I eventually gave in. My talent became my side job, bringing in the same income I was receiving at my full-time job. After years of beautifying other women, I started thinking of ways to combine my purpose with my talent; this is what birthed Bee Glamorous. Has it been a smooth road? Like any endeavor, nothing will come easy. The most difficult part of this journey for me was patience. When I first started promoting my business, I almost gave up because I didn’t have the clientele, and I wasn’t getting as much money as I knew I could. I spent a lot of time looking at how other people were being recognized doing the same thing I was doing, and it caused me to doubt myself. I made many mistakes, too. Some clients weren’t satisfied, and it hurt me because I wanted to be perfect. But nothing is perfect, and when I began letting my imperfections mold my business, and I began to understand how patience truly was a virtue, God started blessing my business even more. We’d love to hear more about your business. Bee Glamorous is a full-service beauty business that specializes in braids but also provides relaxed and natural hair services, as well as mink lash extensions and makeup. Braiding has been the foundation of this business for its creative expression and therapeutic abilities. As a company, I am most proud of the selfless attitude displayed day to day. This business is competitive and we live in a society where when one person gets the formula, the don’t want to give it to anyone else. They fear other people will surpass them in their accomplishments. However, Bee Glamorous believes the complete opposite. The more I learn, the more I want to give to others. The more my business grows, the more motivated I am to help someone else’s business prosper too. The thing that sets my business and myself apart from others is it’s authenticity. I’m always upfront and honest with my clients. No, I don’t know how to do everything. Yes, I still struggle every day to make things better. I’m very transparent and open when it comes to my business. I don’t like to mislead anyone. And yes, sometimes you lose prospective clients when you’re open and honest, but you also gain and keep those that appreciate the real. I’m not selling a dream to anyone, and I want all of my clients to understand that this process, my process, is required as part of what has been ordained for me. Is our city a good place to do what you do? I think our city can be the best place to start businesses like mine. I hear a lot of people say this business is over-saturated, but I disagree. There are so many high profile people in Atlanta. There are so many high profile events taking place in Atlanta that draws hundreds of others to this city. I think with the right plan, ambition, and resources, anyone can be successful in Atlanta. The best thing about this business is that regardless of where it initiates, you can always travel with it. Contact Info:


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